Wet Coat

NanoWay Australia Wet Coat is a long term protection that remains durable up to 4 months. NanoWay Australia Wet Coat is convenient and easy way to give the vehicle paintwork lasting protection, excellent hydrophobic effect and perfect gloss. Usage ( step 1)  The vehicle must be  thoroughly cleaned, free of grease. After washing the car, do not drain it! (Stage 2) Turn the nozzle head so that can form a mist and evenly in a thin layer, cover NANOWAY DAMP COAT coating. Attention: This product only can be applied on wet surface. (Stage 3) Rinse the vehicle immediately after application with pressure water. Do not use in the sun, do not let the coating on the surface to dry. (Stage 4) Dry the car, leave the surface for at least 40 min to fully cure.